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Tutorials and recipes.

I will be using this part of my blog to share with you recipes, tips and give you step by step instructions on how to make things you see on the blog.

Your feedback will be received gratefully as my aim is to give information and advice on what I love and do best. To get you all baking successfully and feeling satisfied and proud of what you have produced. To give you recipes that I know consistently work and most off all have fun at the same time.

I will try not to use too many technical terms and try to teach you in a way that both first time bakers and the more experienced bakers can understand and relate to.

For any tutorial you see here my advice is the same, first read the whole thing before you start, then write it down and read it again. You can then start making the item following the instructions I have provided. I have found I am less likely to be caught out by adding an ingredient before I should have or prevent something similar from occurring. Also when making something for the first time I find it  best to weigh all the ingredients, fill the sink up with hot soapy water, collect all the equipment needed, line any trays/tins needed and pre heat the oven to the correct temperature. By doing this you will insure you are organised and prevent running around stressing to finding something with dirty hands. Overall having a much more enjoyable experience.

Let the fun commence

Rose xx


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