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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Simnel cake

Here is one of this weeks cakes from the selection at work.
Simnel cake, a traditional cake served at Easter packed with fruit and spices. Should have a layer of marzipan baked inside, with marzipan on top and 11 balls/ovals of marzipan on top to symbolise the 11disciples that didn’t betray Jesus.
However you will notice I put a ball on each portion as not to cause a riot.


Rose xxx


Marshmallow tea time treats.

Good morning everybody!!
Well it’s Friday… Wahoo!! The Queen will be popping by today to open the building I work in.
So what better than to share with you a perfect little treat that can be served for afternoon tea. These were made last night in my class at Trafford college.


*Sweet paste/shortbread base. Baked
*A little red jam piped onto the base.
* Marshmallow piped on top of the biscuit base.
* Set in the fridge then dip in tempered chocolate.

Mmmm melty in the mouth with nice crisp crunch from the chocolate and biscuit.

Here are the students who made them Georgie and Jacob. Yes I did ask for their permission to publish this photo before anyone starts ha ha. (PS spot the student in the background being cheeky, gotta love my students)


Enjoy your Friday folks and lets bring on the weekend.

Rose xxx

Orange chocolate mousse tarts.

So another Monday has been and gone and we all lived to tell the tale.
Hope you had a lovely weekend and any mothers reading this got spoiled yesterday.
I was at work, however like a good daughter sent my mum some flowers, chocolates and card in the post.
We saw my mother in law on Saturday night and had chance to catch up on gossip.
I took this photo of some little tarts I made for a function today at work. Lets hope they satisfied people’s sweet cravings and of course a little well deserved treat as another Monday comes to a end.

I got some pre cooked tart shells and piped some chocolate orange mousse into the shell.
Finished with a shard of tempered chocolate and blueberry. Then a sprinkle of coloured sugar,

Enjoy the rest of your evening
Rose xxxx

Mothers day.

Well it’s mothers day on Sunday if you live in the UK.
I made these cookie pops at work yesterday maybe you could have a go making some for your mum, mother-in -law, Gran, sister,







Have fun
Rose xxx

Easter table 2


Well what a week we all survived last week at work …. Just.

So now that we have the Easter table on display I can share with you some photos and the products I made.

* Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.
* Easter eggs two sizes.
* Caramel mini eggs.
* Bunny cookie pops.










I’ve been asked to make enough products for three tables now!! Let’s hope I will get lots of orders from this.

Have fun
Rose xxx

White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake


Easter table 1

Good evening all!!

Well I’m on the tram home in need of a Cuppa and my bed.
We have a big day at work tomorrow one of the owners of the company will be paying us a visit.
So in order to try and impress , our regional chef manager thinks it would be a good idea to have our Easter table ready.
So I have been busy over the past few days shopping and making things for it.

Here’s a sneaky peak more photos to follow.