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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Happy Halloween.

Hi Folks,
Im pretty happy with the way the pumpkin pies turned out. So hope to share the recipe with you later today.

Have fun
Rose xxx


November market

Hello folks,
Work is under way preparing for the next Royton real food market. Here is a few photos to keep you posted.

Icing Autumn leaves for stall decoration.

Some of the Christmas range.
I am also having a go at making pumpkin pie for the first time. Will share with you if it’s a success.
Have fun
Rose xxx

Look what came in the post today!!

This is what came in the post today. Lets just say I’m chuffed to bits. However need to keep up the hard work.

Goodnight folks

Sprinkles or no Sprinkles that is the Question!!

This is my first attempt at meringues in my domestic oven. I need your advice…
“Sprinkles or no sprinkles?”


No sprinkles.
You choose, all comments welcome.
Rose xxx

Hello Folks,

Last week I gave you a little sneak peak of a birthday cake I had made for a little boy who can’t eat any food containing Lactsoe (Lactose is the sugar found in the milk of mammals) and also eggs.

When my driving instructor asked me If I could make a cake for his grandason I of course said yes. His daughter had been everywhere trying to find anybody that could make such a cake. I really dont understand why people are not more open and willing to help people with food allergies and intolerances. 

I had two recipes and made a few cupcakes for them to sample. In the end they decided they wanted me to make the cake. So I made a number two cake with a little elephant on top. The first time I made the sponge I wasnt happy and the recipe didnt like being doubled. I settled on making two thinner cakers then layering the then up with jam for the final cake.

I must admit even though I knew the cake had been no-where near eggs or any dairy products I was still a little concerened about them eating it and having a reaction. I have been told this week that everyone enjoyed the cake even those without allergies.


Have fun

Rose xxx


I am pleased to announce that Sweet and Beautiful will be exhibitng at the “Something old” wedding fayre at Withworth Hall, Oxford road, Manchester. 24th November 2012.

I was so excited when I recieved the Email and then I found out my friend at Ilaria rocks had also been granted a stall. Ilaria makes bespoke wedding stationary and we are both busy brain storming ideas back and forth to each other.

I will be sharing with you all my work in the lead up to the fair.. click on the link below for more details.

Bye for now and have fun

Rose xxxx




“Home sweet home” in the northern quarter, Manchester.

Good Morning folks,
Hope you have had a nice weekend. I was going through the photos on my phone during the weekend and found this one. I took it in summer when I met up with friend for a coffee..then decided it was too hot for coffee and we opted for these milkshakes.
I ordered the chocolate mudslide it contained a shot of coffee, chocolate, milk, cream, and real chocolate brownie Blended thorough the shake. Finished with whipped cream and a square of brownie.
My friend chose the Oreo cookie shake and contained mini Oreo cookies. Both incredibly yummy, and we both felt like we had been naughty in a satisfying kind of way.

We were at a place called “home sweet home” it’s on Edge street in the northern quarter, Manchester.
I have ever only sampled a milkshake however the rest of the food looks yummy. Cocktails are also served in teapots what a perfect way to start a night out. Or spend an evening chilling out.
My friend had also told me she has been again since with her husband and they ordered chocolate chip cookies. They are baked to order and served straight out of the oven with a glass of milk……I will be back!!!
Rose xxx