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Monthly Archives: June 2012

My first rainbow cake.

Hi guys!!

Friday is upon us again yeyh!!
I have noticed a popular rise in the photos on various Internet sites of people making rainbow cake. Not to be left out I thought I’d have a go.


So here is the result. I was concentrating on getting the colour’s and layers right first. I was happy with the way most of them came out. I would however of liked the green layer to be thicker and the yellow not as bright as it is nearly orange.
It does however taste lovely.
My next task is to design the decoration of the outside of the cake, something bright and cheery I think.


Hope you have a nice weekend and try to stay dry.
Rose xxx

Fathers day chocolate and orange cupcakes.

Good morning!!

Hope you all had a nice day yesterday. I had a nice family day and walk round Lymm dam.
For fathers day I made my dad some Chocolate and orange cupcakes.

I used the basic recipe from tutorial one (look in the February archives for the recipe, I will try get and get all this linked up soon) I changed it slightly by taking out 50g flour and replacing it with cocoa powder. Added the zest of 1 grated orange and a few drops of orange essence. (You can get the essence from Asda)
I decorated the cakes with blue icing and silver balls. Painted the star,heart and letters with silver powder.


Enjoy your week.
Rose xxx

My new book

I’m going to tell you about a book I love called “cox cookies and cakes” I bought it in tesco a few weeks ago. The head chef at my last workplace was given this book for a Christmas present from his wife. So I had already read the book cover to cover before buying it.

The photos are lovely and you just want to start baking as soon as you open it.
Keen for me to make some of the cakes for the menu I made the chefs favorites out of the book. Needless to say I am now looking forward to making my favorites. Out of the cakes I made I followed only one of the recipes and it worked perfectly (the red velvet cupcake) with the others I used my own recipes and replicated the decoration.


Eric landlard the pastry chef (I’ve mentioned him before in my blog) and Mr Cox is a fashion designer, together they make and design cakes for the stars. I will now show you what I have made based on the ideas from the book.

Triple chocolate cupcakes.



Strawberry and vanilla cupcakes.



Red velvet cupcakes.



Last but not least my Easter bunny cupcake took inspiration from this one.



I really recommend this book for fun and happy baking and pleasurable eating!! So go buy the book and let me know how you get on.

Rose xxx

Whoopie pie


After the weekend thought we may all need a smile. So just saying the name of this sweet treat automatically brings a feeling of happiness. Eating one would be better though!!
Have fun guys.
Rose xxxc