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Monthly Archives: May 2012

At the beach dessert

Hi folks,
Hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend!!
Today I an going to share with you a desert the pastry students at Trafford college made during my lesson for 68 people.

The theme was “At the beach”


*Raspberry pavlova, pulled sugar for a stick of rock and hazelnuts for pebbles.
*Vanilla pannacotta, with a chocolate spade (bucket and spade).
* Citrus parfait, as a dropped ice cream in the sand. (cone made from tuille mix and the sand is crumble mix)

Have fun
Rose xxx

Blueberry pancakes

Good morning folks,
Well the sun has finally paid us a visit but for how long?!!

Last Friday night my husband went to tesco to pick up a few bits for a birthday cake I was making and he found a punnet of blueberries on sale for 40p bargain!!

So I decided to treat us to some blueberry pancakes for breakfast on Saturday.

What you will need-:

For the pancakes
2 eggs
150g flour
50g caster sugar
Pinch salt.
1/4 punnet blueberries.

For the compot
3/4 punnet
100g caster sugar.
Few drops lemon juice.


* To make the compot put the berries, sugar lemon juice and a splash of water into a pan stir carefully. Then bring to boil and simmer.
*For the pancakes, place all the dry ingredients into a bowl.
*Separate the eggs then put the yolks in the bowl with the dry ingredients. Add some milk and whisk until the mix falls off the whisk with no lumps.
* In another bowl whisk the egg whites to soft peak. ( not the stage where you can tip the bowl above your head) should be white fluffy n foamy.
* Stir whites into the other mix don’t over mix as you don’t want to loose all the air you whisked into the whites.
*Stir in the blueberries.
* To cook the pancakes put a non stick pan onto the stove on high with some oil in wait until you see smoke. Take the pan off the heat and using kitchen roll wipe the pan out. Now using a clean bit of kitchen roll dip in oil and grease pan with the paper. Heat the pan up again and pour some of the mix into the pan make sure you get some blueberries. You will see the mix bubble then go dry only when the whole of the pancake is dry do you attempt to turn the pancake over. It will only take a few seconds on this side to colour.
* Serve with syrup, yoghurt, vanilla ice cream or a mixture of all three. Don’t forget to serve the compot you made.

# TIP = When cooking the pancakes you may need to adjust the temperature of your cooker hob or remove the pan from the stove altogether.


Rose xx

Some insperational reading for me.


Beetroot, goats cheese and grapefruit salad. The salad leaves on top were grown by me on my bedroom window sill :)


Willow pool garden centre.

Hi folks 🙂

Today I’m going to tell you about a wonderful garden centre in Lymm, north Cheshire. I come from the village next to Lymm and had never been to this hidden gem until a few years ago, for a friends hen do.

Last week my sister, mother, nephew and myself managed to get together. The garden centre is wonderful has little shops built into barns selling a range of things, home decor, jewelry, clothes, fish and of course plants and other things for the garden.






As an added attraction there is a old/ex Blackpool illumination from the 80’s that is a wonderful “My little pony” I asked my mum if we would have seen it in its former glory at Blackpool, as the illuminations were an annual family trip. She thinks we probably did.

Every weekend there are farmers markets and more stalls open. I saw some lovely antique afternoon tea stands and really want the heart stand,




So after we had a mooch around dodging the cloudbursts we went to have some cake & tea. The Willow tea rooms are worth a visit in their own right. There are a mixture of booths, little greenhouses, bandstands and barns with tables n chairs each with their own theme.





After being spoilt for choice from a range of cakes we opted to order a cake each and split each three ways. We ordered bakewell tart, carrot cake and chocolate fudge cake. Also a pot of tea for 3. All the cakes were delicious fresh and tasty. The tea was served with Mis matching china to drink from. As my middle name is clumsy I of course nearly knocked my cup over on the wobbly tables. If there are a few of you I recommend the dessert for £32 it is served in a massive glass with a spoon just as large. We ordered it on the hen do it was full of ice cream, chocolate brownie, meringue, cream, marshmallow, chocolate and raspberry sauce, strawberries and probably more that I can’t remember.





It was such a lovely way to take tea in a nice relaxing bohemian atmosphere. Even the rain bouncing down felt quite calming. Well worth a visit.


Take care until next time,
Rose xxx

Disco balls.

Hi folks!!

Last night at college there there was an 80’s themed event on in the college restaurant.

Almost every week the BTEC hospitality 2nd year students take it turn to hold a themed event for their course work. There has been all sorts from Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter to a type of cuisine like Mexican, French, Spanish etc.

Last night was an 80’s theme and the dessert had already been made (creme brûlée and sticky toffee pudding) we did however need to make petite fours to accompany the coffee.
My mind straight away turned to disco balls. With not much time I adapted a rum ball recipe combined with the trend pop cake in my head and passed on the information to my student who was going to make them.


Here’s what you will need-:
Chocolate sponge.
Raspberry jam.
White chocolate.
Caster sugar.
Food colour.

* Blitz your sponge into crumbs
* Mix in enough jam, brandy/rum until the cake crumbs stick together, also add a little of each ingredient to you get a mix you like the taste of.
* Roll the mix into equal size balls, you can weigh each ball if you desire to ensure all the balls are the same size. Our disco balls were 14g.
* Now leave to harden either in the fridge or freezer. Depending on how much time you have or how hungry you are 🙂 .
* While your balls are hardening melt the chocolate (we tried milk chocolate and white, we found white chocolate gave a better result) leave to cool not set. Prepare the sugar by popping a tiny drop of colour into the sugar and mix well. (some edible glitter in the sugar would also be a nice touch alas we didn’t have any)
# Coloured sugar was popular in the 80’s served around the rims of glasses with cocktails.
* Now the fun bit… Pop your balls into the chocolate roll in hands (yes you do get messy) then place straight into the sugar give the bowl a shake then place balls onto a tray. Leave to set for about ten mins.
* Now eat yeyh!!!

TIPS = # Do not store the disco balls in the fridge as the sugar will melt and turn into liquid.
# Also when rolling the balls try to keep one hand clean or even better get a friend to help. One person to roll the chocolate and the other to roll the sugar.

Enjoy and let me know how yours turn out.
Rose xxx

Callum’s Christening cake.

Good evening guys,

I hope you are all well and settled back into work after the long weekend.
Well I think I’m just about recovered from last week, covering extra lessons at college, making a Christening cake and wedding cake. Also there was the partaking of the wedding which was wonderful.

Today I’m going to share with you photos of the Christening cake I made for baby “Callum Joseph”.

Callum’s mummy had sent me a photo of the cake she wanted making unfortunately I can’t find who made the original design of the cake to credit them on here.

It was a two tier cake with cupcakes as a third tier. I made a vanilla sponge (see basic recipe) then filled with raspberry jam and raspberry buttercream. The cupcakes were also vanilla sponge.


The top tier has smoke clouds from the train and building blocks with Callum's name on.


The bottom cake had a train track with a train that had buttons for wheels (my little touch). Also polka dots around the base.


Finally for the cupcakes around the base, I piped “clickerty clack” and “choo choo” I couldn’t help make train noises when making them ha ha.


Rose xxx