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Monthly Archives: April 2012

I have my new oven!!

Hello guys,

Well my new oven has been fitted and I love her already keep giving her a little pat and stroke. Just made and sampled my first batch of cupcakes. (using the basic sponge recipe I have given you)
The cakes rose perfect and had a lovely even colour,





Take care
Rose xxx


Golden caster sugar experiment 1,

Hiya folks,

Well the new oven has arrived and will be fitted tomorrow so excited!!

So I carried out my fist experiment with the golden caster sugar last week, basically to see what all the fuss is about.

1, I compared the two sugars for taste, texture and flavour. The golden caster sugar had a coarser texture and not as sweet as caster sugar, the taste reminded me of a cross between demerara and caster sugar.


2, I then melted the 2 types of sugar and found the golden caster sugar melted and turned a caramel colour a lot faster.

Photos of the Golden caster sugar melting process.





Caster sugar melting process photos to follow. If you notice the caramel made from the caster sugar is clearer.




3, I then decided to make some sugar spirals with both types of caramel to see what it was like to work/pull the sugar. Of course I had to taste the sugar … Well it would be rude not to!!
Again the sugar spiral made from the golden caster sugar had a deeper rich flavour and taste. Also I notices it stayed hotter for longer.


The golden caster sugar spirals are on the right hand side of the photo. I have a sweet tooth (I bet you’d never of guessed) I preferred the taste of the spirals made from caster sugar.

My next experiment will be baking products with the two types of sugar.

Take care
Rose xxx

Homemade chocolate fudge

Hello guys!!

Hope your all well and all these April showers aren’t annoying you too much.

Well the new oven has been ordered it will be with me next week so I will be looking forward to using that.

I have been working on a project that is very exciting and I will share with you the details when I’m a little more organised.
I have a wedding cake and christening cake on order for the beginning of may. So have been busy writing shopping lists and time plans.

Seeing as I am oven less I made some homemade chocolate fudge very addictive and rich yet so yummy.


My Husband is holding his Belle and Sebastian night at the Star & Garter in Manchester tonight. Instead of the usual cup cakes that get handed out at the door, tonight there will be fudge.


I decided to pipe the B in strawberry chocolate that I bought at Asda (pink for girls of course 🙂 ) then the S in white chocolate. The club goers are in for a treat tonight. As well as dancing the night away to good music.


Happy weekend folks
Rose xxxx

Golden caster sugar.

Hello folks,

Hope you all had an nice Easter and ate lots of chocolate. I must admit I slightly indulged. We had a visit from the Easter bunny my little Nephew James.


So I have been watching the whole series of Eric Lanlard on 4OD catch up. Im really into it and have learnt a few tips. What I have noticed is he uses golden caster sugar and icing sugar in most of his recipes.
I have only ever come across a few recipes requiring golden caster and as we didn’t have any in stock at work I replaced it by using caster sugar with a little light brown sugar.
I presume it gives the recipe more of a caramel flavor. Also the use of golden icing sugar in fillings and topping would give a golden appearance.
So yesterday I took a trip to Asda and got myself some of this wonder ingredient. I will be experimenting with it over the next few days and will share with you what I find.


As I still don’t have an oven I will be making fudge and caramel. Then when the oven is either fixed or replaced I can use the sugar in cakes and biscuits.

Have a nice Friday and bring on the weekend.

Rose xxx

Lemon drizzle cup cake.

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote to you all.
Disaster struck last week the oven at home has broken so I feel lost. Hopefully it won’t be too long until its fixed or I have a new one.

I have been watching Eric Lanlard on 4OD recently. A few people have told me about the show. What a great pastry chef and I feel a visit to cake boy is in order.

So It is Easter Sunday tomorrow and what a way to start the week with snow!! Why not have a go at making some chocolate truffles if you fancy a change from chocolate eggs.

*Just make a ganache by boiling 100g cream with a tsp of butter.
*Pour onto 100g of dark chocolate. Leave to set/hard.
*Make into ball by scooping the ganache with a Mellon ball scoop then dip in melted chocolate.
* Finish with either sprinkles or piping chocolate on top.

I would also like to share with you this lemon drizzle cupcake idea a nice treat for Easter you could put a chick or mini eggs on top.
* Use the basic sponge recipe with 2 grated zests of lemons.
* Boil the juice with some sugar to make a syrup.
* When the cakes are out of the oven prick and pour the syrup on top,
* Finish with butter cream and candied lemon peel. Unless or course you fancy mini eggs or a little chick/bunny.



Happy Easter and I won’t leave it so long next time.

Rose xxx