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Pancake day….take two!!

Hello there,

So its snowing again and myeyes are still stinging from walking the dog in a blizzard and getting snow blown into them.

Tonight’s post is about pancakes yummy, I took these photos on pancake day and yes didn’t post them to you!!¬†They are really easy to make and are nice for breakfast especaily at the weekend when its cold outside ūüėČ

1, Put about 200g of flour in a bowl with 50g caster sugar and 1tsp of salt.

2, Whisk an egg and put into the bowl, I then add milk and whisk at the same time until I get a batter that just coats the back of spoon. Whisk like crazy to ensure you have no lumps.

3, Put a non stick pan onto the heat until it smokes, take the pan off the heat and wipe out with kitchen cloth.

4, Put the pan back on the heat with some oil and wait until the oil is smokey (wont take long) then pour in a little of the panckae mix.

5, You will notice the mix dry, bubble and come away from the edge of the pan, it is now safe to try and turn/flip it over.

6, When the pancake has been turned over  it only needs about 30 seconds to colour that is if the pan is hot enough.

7, Place onto your plate and serve how you like it!! This year I had mine with blackberry compot and chocolate Philadelphia.

IMG_4307 IMG_4302 IMG_4303 IMG_4304 IMG_4305 IMG_4306












Have fun and enjoy

Rose xxx

Blueberry pancakes

Good morning folks,
Well the sun has finally paid us a visit but for how long?!!

Last Friday night my husband went to tesco to pick up a few bits for a birthday cake I was making and he found a punnet of blueberries on sale for 40p bargain!!

So I decided to treat us to some blueberry pancakes for breakfast on Saturday.

What you will need-:

For the pancakes
2 eggs
150g flour
50g caster sugar
Pinch salt.
1/4 punnet blueberries.

For the compot
3/4 punnet
100g caster sugar.
Few drops lemon juice.


* To make the compot put the berries, sugar lemon juice and a splash of water into a pan stir carefully. Then bring to boil and simmer.
*For the pancakes, place all the dry ingredients into a bowl.
*Separate the eggs then put the yolks in the bowl with the dry ingredients. Add some milk and whisk until the mix falls off the whisk with no lumps.
* In another bowl whisk the egg whites to soft peak. ( not the stage where you can tip the bowl above your head) should be white fluffy n foamy.
* Stir whites into the other mix don’t over mix as you don’t want to loose all the air you whisked into the whites.
*Stir in the blueberries.
* To cook the pancakes put a non stick pan onto the stove on high with some oil in wait until you see smoke. Take the pan off the heat and using kitchen roll wipe the pan out. Now using a clean bit of kitchen roll dip in oil and grease pan with the paper. Heat the pan up again and pour some of the mix into the pan make sure you get some blueberries. You will see the mix bubble then go dry only when the whole of the pancake is dry do you attempt to turn the pancake over. It will only take a few seconds on this side to colour.
* Serve with syrup, yoghurt, vanilla ice cream or a mixture of all three. Don’t forget to serve the compot you made.

# TIP = When cooking the pancakes you may need to adjust the temperature of your cooker hob or remove the pan from the stove altogether.


Rose xx


Good evening,
Hope you have had a nice weekend and are enjoying your last few hours of relaxation before the week starts.

Last week was much more eventful than I first imagined. Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday or pancake day as it is more popularly known as these days. Work decided we would have a live cooking station and myself and the head chef would make pancakes to order for our customers.   Also celebrity chef Andrew Nutter was joining us as he was going to be filmed to promote his involvement with the sports relief event the BBC are organising .
I was ordered by the film crew to put pancake onto cook when they went live on air … No pressure there . Meanwhile ¬†serving our customers came second to lunchtime news being filmed, luckily as employes¬†of the BBC the customers were very understanding. I managed to ignore the camera, ¬†stay focused and serve the customers. Later that evening I received a text and a Facebook message by friends telling me they had seen me on TV agh!!! However my husband, parents and myself missed it.

On Thursday a few of the pastry chefs from the company I work for all met up organized by the development and regional chef manager. I was over the moon as we met at Slatterys in Whitefield, near Bury. We met to talk about company objectives (the boring bit) then we got a talk by the man himself “John Slattery” then a tour round the kitchens. Now lets just¬†pause for a minute here ……. this was my 3rd visit to the shop and the first time I went I turned into a little girl and started screaming. On the left hand side of the shop there is a magnificent display of sugar and chocolate wedding cakes. At the back of the shop there is a window so the customers can have a nosey at work in progress. There is also a chocolate display and counters with chocolates, cakes and other goodies for sale.¬†So to meet the man himself and get to see where all these wonderful pastry and confectionary¬†items were created and produced was an absolute gift.


After our tour we then went back to the room where the meeting had been before the tour and there lay 8 types of cake mmmmm!!! Thursday afternoon re-started the spark inside me that had been dampened due to everyday life. Thank you to John Slattery for sharing his world with us all and giving me more inspiration and confirming that I did make the right  career choice 17 years ago. I would reccomend Slatterys to everybody and is a great destination place, however if you plan on eating in the cafe you  will need to book 2 weeks in advance. I have heard the Hot chocolate is a must have, if you ask me everything is.

I think I may have to make myself a baileys hot chocolate now.


Rose xxxx