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Cherry coke and Orange cupcakes.

Hello my lovelies!!
How are you this evening?
Today I’m going to share with you two types of cupcakes I made over the summer. Both with chocolate sponge as their base.




I made the cherry coke cupcakes for a musical festival that was organised to support the Manchester cancer hospital “Christie” the festival was called “Going up the country”. The organisers have a night called “Cherry Coloured Pop” so I thought cherry coke cupcakes would fit into the cherry pop theme pretty well.

I’ve found that using diet/coke zero gives the sponge more a flavour of coke than the full fat version does. I think because coke is so sugary the taste gets lost in the mix.
I poured the coke into my usual chocolate cake mix until I could taste it…if the mix gets too liquid just add a little more flour until the mix returns to a texture your happy with. This also works well with a mud cake recipe adapt your recipe likewise.

For the topping I make my usual buttercream recipe and added coco powder. That thickens it slightly so you can then let it down with cherry coke. Pipe on your cupcakes and decorate with cherry coke fizzy sweets. (I got mine from Asda 3 packs of sweets for £1 they also have cherry jelly sweets on that offer if you want to use them instead).




I made the orange chocolate cupcakes for a friends birthday. I must admit I cheated here and used orange essence in the sponge.
For the topping I melted chocolate added it to my buttercream recipe with a bit of milk and some more essence. Then let to set in the fridge…I kept mixing it every so often as the chocolate in there will set hard you will need to pipe it before it does that.

To decorate I used marshmallows, chocolate drops, chocolate sprinkles, edible glitter and orange chocolate buttons, again you can get these from Asda. They also do strawberry chocolate if you fancy a vanilla and strawberry version.

That’s it folks…hope you want to go and bake cakes now, and if not the “Great British Bake Off” starts next Tuesday 20th August…that should get our baking juices flowing.

Have fun
Rose xxx


Hello Folks,

Hope you managed to get through Monday with ease,  todays blog is about a place I’ve been meaning to tell you about sicne September!!

The Vintage cupcake Kitchen can be found @ 39 High street, Uppermill,Oldham.  Since it opened in 2011 I had been past a few times and had never managed to pop in. So one day last September I went one Sunday morning and found out there was a villege event on. All the shops on the high street were done up with 1950’s decor and bunting. There was also mucic playing like it was coming through a gramophone people were dressed up. People started to line the streets and I found out there was going to be a parade of Amearican army vehicles, tanks and such.



However nice all this was it didnt get me any closer to getting mits on one of the fabulous looking cupcakes!!! the Vintage cupcake kitchen were also joining in the festivities and had tradition lemonade, red white and blue cake pops for sale out at the front of the shop. They were clearly not open however I was on a mission and decided to go in and ask if I could buy a cupcake. The lady had wooden trays of cupcakes and from what I can remember the ranges of flavours included, mint areo, maltesser, strawberry, what looked like a cupcake shaped like an ice cream and of course the one I chose Rocky road!! It was placed into a cute little bag and decided to get out of the centre of Uppermill before the parade started. I found a nice little park to take photos of the cupcake before scoffing it…and yes it tasted as good as it looked.

I do mean to go back and hope to enjoy a slice of cake with either a cup coffee or a milkshake, anyone facy it?


I have taken the following paragraph from the about part on the Vintage cupcake kitchen’s facebook page, I think this describes the place perfectly and has saved me a job;)

“The Vintage Cupcake kitchen is our little piece of heaven where you can come and relax with freinds and family and enjoy the atmosphere in our pretty little tea room, sip a cup of tea from vintage china whilst enjoying one of our 12 flavours of homemade cupcakes, shortcake scones, chocolate chunk brownie and now also our new milkshake bar. We also have delicious Italian fresh ground coffee and Hot chocolate and lots of pretty gifts and treasures for you to buy. We also offer a personalised cupcake decorating service, and can gift wrap any of our cupcakes for a beautiful gift, just contact the shop for more info x x x”

Have fun folks

Rose xxxx.

Chippy tea with a twist.

Hello folks,
So it’s Friday tea time traditionally our national chippy tea night.
I would like to tell you about my friends British takeaway or a posh chippy as I like to say. “Essence” opened its doors to the public in March this year with the concept of a takeaway with a difference to offer people more choice and healthier options.

Essence is situated on station road in Swinton. All fish is delivered fresh and cooked to order. The chips are triple fried to ensure they are crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle.
There are also daily meat, fish, dessert specials and a homemade pie of the day. All burgers are made on the premies.

A homemade lamb burger being flame grilled. Other burgers are beef and chicken fillet.

A fish special… Fish platter, battered cod, pan fried salmon & travelly with scampi and chips.

One of the meat specials… Braised rump beef in red wine served with either mash or chips. Other meat specials include mixed grill and lamb chops.

One of the dessert specials … Chocolate brownies other desserts include flapjack, chocolate cheesecake, fresh cream gateaux’s and cupcakes.

Whats even better is a delivery service has started in the past couple of months between 6-10pm. All daily specials are posted on Facebook and twitter. If your Interested follow or like the page @ essenceswinton.

Tonight we have vanilla cupcakes on sale.

Hope I have made you hungry and ready for the weekend.
Have fun
Rose xxx

All cakes made by sweet and beautiful.

Fathers day chocolate and orange cupcakes.

Good morning!!

Hope you all had a nice day yesterday. I had a nice family day and walk round Lymm dam.
For fathers day I made my dad some Chocolate and orange cupcakes.

I used the basic recipe from tutorial one (look in the February archives for the recipe, I will try get and get all this linked up soon) I changed it slightly by taking out 50g flour and replacing it with cocoa powder. Added the zest of 1 grated orange and a few drops of orange essence. (You can get the essence from Asda)
I decorated the cakes with blue icing and silver balls. Painted the star,heart and letters with silver powder.


Enjoy your week.
Rose xxx

Callum’s Christening cake.

Good evening guys,

I hope you are all well and settled back into work after the long weekend.
Well I think I’m just about recovered from last week, covering extra lessons at college, making a Christening cake and wedding cake. Also there was the partaking of the wedding which was wonderful.

Today I’m going to share with you photos of the Christening cake I made for baby “Callum Joseph”.

Callum’s mummy had sent me a photo of the cake she wanted making unfortunately I can’t find who made the original design of the cake to credit them on here.

It was a two tier cake with cupcakes as a third tier. I made a vanilla sponge (see basic recipe) then filled with raspberry jam and raspberry buttercream. The cupcakes were also vanilla sponge.


The top tier has smoke clouds from the train and building blocks with Callum's name on.


The bottom cake had a train track with a train that had buttons for wheels (my little touch). Also polka dots around the base.


Finally for the cupcakes around the base, I piped “clickerty clack” and “choo choo” I couldn’t help make train noises when making them ha ha.


Rose xxx

Laura and Tony’s wedding.

Hi folks,

So I finally rose from my pit at 1.30pm this afternoon after my hubby saying “lets go and get a morrisons fry up I’m hungry”.

What a lovely day!! Laura looked stunning and Tony brushed up pretty well too. Laura had told me they were planning a wedding with a nautical theme.

Light houses on tables for centre pieces, scallop shells as tea light holders,sticks of rock with the bride n grooms name running through and the guests name on the label. Also a lovely beach chalet for the wedding cards to go in. The theme was even carried on into the toilets with a heart made out of shells.







The food was lovely and as an added treat there was a sweet buffet!!



Laura had two cakes a three tiered fruit cake that Laura’s dad had made. Speaking to Laura’s mum last night they had tried out four different recipes. I covered the cakes with marzipan and icing and put ribbon round them. Also Laura had a brilliant idea of circling a rope around the base of the cake. Then I tied a knot in the rope. Laura had also found a topper with a bride and groom on a bike as they love biking holidays. They will be travelling around Europe on bikes for their honeymoon after a few romantic days in Venice.



The other part of the cake was 100 chocolate cupcakes. After a few ideas we came up with putting chocolate shells on the top of the cup cakes.



I can honestly say I had a great time celebrating two lovely people promising a lifetime of love together.

Speak soon
Rose xxxx

I have my new oven!!

Hello guys,

Well my new oven has been fitted and I love her already keep giving her a little pat and stroke. Just made and sampled my first batch of cupcakes. (using the basic sponge recipe I have given you)
The cakes rose perfect and had a lovely even colour,





Take care
Rose xxx