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The hot chocolate kit.

Hello folks,

Tonight I’m going to tell you about an idea I had for the May Royton market. Alas it didnt really go down too well..I fact I sold none!! A good friend pointed out it probably wasn’t the best time of year to try and sell them, I think she was right seeing that the sun had come out to play that day!! I’m not going to make any more until at least October then maybe have a few different flavours.
Well at least I made a few freinds happy by giving them a kit.

Here’s how to make them….instrutions will be included in the next batch.

1, Put your PJ’s on and turn on your TV in time for your fave TV show or get the DVD player ready.

2, Select a large mug from your cupboard then put aprox enough milk to fill that mug in a pan and bring to the boil.

3, Pour the cocoa powder into the cup, you may want to add some sugar you can either do this now or at the end after tasting it.

4, When the milk has boiled pour into the cup stiring to disolve the cocoa powder.

5, Now add your chocolate stick and stir it in the milk until it has all disolved.

6, Add your marshmellows then try not to drink it before you sit down. (it nearly didnt make it out of my kitchen I loved it so much)

mmmmm a nice cup of chocolatey gooey goodness!!

Enjoy and have fun folks

Rose xxxxx

Here now follows the photos xxxxImageImageImage




Real Royton Food Market (Feb & March)


As there was no market in January we were all eagar to go in Febuary even though the weather was shocking and it was more of a challenge to stay dry rather than warm. My stall had Valentines theme with chocolate heart lollies, chocolate kisses and red velvet and heart shaped cake pops. All the usual favourites were back including the Rainbow cake that I mistakenly replaced with Christmas battenburg at the December market.

IMG_4232 IMG_4221 IMG_4225 IMG_4228 IMG_4230











IMG_4235 IMG_4236 IMG_4237 IMG_4238 IMG_4239 IMG_4240 IMG_4241











The March market was of course Spring Easter theme and the sun even made a little appearance when the clouds blew over. If you read yesterdays post the Easter gifts were on sale and available to order with a few mother day gifts.


IMG_4435 IMG_4434 IMG_4433 IMG_4436 IMG_4432 IMG_4431 IMG_4430 IMG_4398










The next market is on April the 7th and there will be a one off market in Shaw the following Sunday, hope to see you there.

Have fun folks

Rose xxxx

Christmas range 2012

Hello Folks!!

Hope your are well,
My husband and I are in Norwich at the moment for the wedding of two of our friends who I met working with at the Savoy hotel in London. I found out last night that they have ordered the cake from the fabulous cake/chocolate shop in Brighton called Choccy Woccy do da. I’ve been dying to try some of their cake for a few years now. She has also told me the TV crew will be there. Not sure if I should try and avoid them or not lol.

Last week was a busy week for me, there was the Royton market on Sunday and also I have had 3 cakes to make. Also have made a few ideas for Christmas. Now follows some photos of my creations.

Parkin cake pops, made for the market stall.

Rainbow macaroons.

Solid chocolate Christmas tree.

Gingerbread tree decorations.


Gingerbread house.

Mini & sphere Christmas cakes.

Cake toppers.

Have a good weekend and watch out for photos of the wedding cake. I’m off to use the spa facilities in the hotel now.

Have fun
Rose xxx

PS Here are the cakes I made last week. The big one is a Rainbow cake the family liked it so much I have another one ordered for this week for a Little boy.




Disco balls.

Hi folks!!

Last night at college there there was an 80’s themed event on in the college restaurant.

Almost every week the BTEC hospitality 2nd year students take it turn to hold a themed event for their course work. There has been all sorts from Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter to a type of cuisine like Mexican, French, Spanish etc.

Last night was an 80’s theme and the dessert had already been made (creme brûlée and sticky toffee pudding) we did however need to make petite fours to accompany the coffee.
My mind straight away turned to disco balls. With not much time I adapted a rum ball recipe combined with the trend pop cake in my head and passed on the information to my student who was going to make them.


Here’s what you will need-:
Chocolate sponge.
Raspberry jam.
White chocolate.
Caster sugar.
Food colour.

* Blitz your sponge into crumbs
* Mix in enough jam, brandy/rum until the cake crumbs stick together, also add a little of each ingredient to you get a mix you like the taste of.
* Roll the mix into equal size balls, you can weigh each ball if you desire to ensure all the balls are the same size. Our disco balls were 14g.
* Now leave to harden either in the fridge or freezer. Depending on how much time you have or how hungry you are 🙂 .
* While your balls are hardening melt the chocolate (we tried milk chocolate and white, we found white chocolate gave a better result) leave to cool not set. Prepare the sugar by popping a tiny drop of colour into the sugar and mix well. (some edible glitter in the sugar would also be a nice touch alas we didn’t have any)
# Coloured sugar was popular in the 80’s served around the rims of glasses with cocktails.
* Now the fun bit… Pop your balls into the chocolate roll in hands (yes you do get messy) then place straight into the sugar give the bowl a shake then place balls onto a tray. Leave to set for about ten mins.
* Now eat yeyh!!!

TIPS = # Do not store the disco balls in the fridge as the sugar will melt and turn into liquid.
# Also when rolling the balls try to keep one hand clean or even better get a friend to help. One person to roll the chocolate and the other to roll the sugar.

Enjoy and let me know how yours turn out.
Rose xxx

Homemade chocolate fudge

Hello guys!!

Hope your all well and all these April showers aren’t annoying you too much.

Well the new oven has been ordered it will be with me next week so I will be looking forward to using that.

I have been working on a project that is very exciting and I will share with you the details when I’m a little more organised.
I have a wedding cake and christening cake on order for the beginning of may. So have been busy writing shopping lists and time plans.

Seeing as I am oven less I made some homemade chocolate fudge very addictive and rich yet so yummy.


My Husband is holding his Belle and Sebastian night at the Star & Garter in Manchester tonight. Instead of the usual cup cakes that get handed out at the door, tonight there will be fudge.


I decided to pipe the B in strawberry chocolate that I bought at Asda (pink for girls of course 🙂 ) then the S in white chocolate. The club goers are in for a treat tonight. As well as dancing the night away to good music.


Happy weekend folks
Rose xxxx

Marshmallow tea time treats.

Good morning everybody!!
Well it’s Friday… Wahoo!! The Queen will be popping by today to open the building I work in.
So what better than to share with you a perfect little treat that can be served for afternoon tea. These were made last night in my class at Trafford college.


*Sweet paste/shortbread base. Baked
*A little red jam piped onto the base.
* Marshmallow piped on top of the biscuit base.
* Set in the fridge then dip in tempered chocolate.

Mmmm melty in the mouth with nice crisp crunch from the chocolate and biscuit.

Here are the students who made them Georgie and Jacob. Yes I did ask for their permission to publish this photo before anyone starts ha ha. (PS spot the student in the background being cheeky, gotta love my students)


Enjoy your Friday folks and lets bring on the weekend.

Rose xxx

Orange chocolate mousse tarts.

So another Monday has been and gone and we all lived to tell the tale.
Hope you had a lovely weekend and any mothers reading this got spoiled yesterday.
I was at work, however like a good daughter sent my mum some flowers, chocolates and card in the post.
We saw my mother in law on Saturday night and had chance to catch up on gossip.
I took this photo of some little tarts I made for a function today at work. Lets hope they satisfied people’s sweet cravings and of course a little well deserved treat as another Monday comes to a end.

I got some pre cooked tart shells and piped some chocolate orange mousse into the shell.
Finished with a shard of tempered chocolate and blueberry. Then a sprinkle of coloured sugar,

Enjoy the rest of your evening
Rose xxxx