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Happy new year!!

Happy new year!! I hope 2013 has treated you well so far.

Well it’s been a long time since I said hello, I made my Christmas orderers then tried to do nothing for a week or so 🙂

Sweet and beautiful will be exhibiting at our 2nd wedding fayre on January the 27th at bella vista, Milnrow, Rochdale.
We will also continue with our monthly markets the first one this year being on February the 3rd.

Last weekend I made a cake with a bowling theme for an 80th birthday. If any of you are familiar with the TV shows “Seinfeld” or curb your “enthusiasm” the grandad character I made out of icing looks a little bit like Larry David!! Completely unintentionally.



And here’s a photo of grandad with his cake. Looks like another happy customer.


Well take care and have fun
Rose xxx


Something old vintage wedding fare

Hello folks,
One week to go until I will be exhibiting at my first wedding fare. Today I went shopping with a good friend who is also exhibiting. We found some lovely china side plates and tea cups. Also found some material n ribbons for the stall.




<img src

I have also been busy making a few cakes this week. A rainbow cake similar to the one I made last week. Also a 80th birthday cake …the requirements were it needed to have a pigeon on it. So inspired by coronation street and where I live decided to have the pigeon sitting on a red brick wall. My husband said "well it looks northern"


Well I better be off as still have jobs to do today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Have fun
Rose xxx

Birthdays and anniversaries

Hi, Well hope you are all managing to stay dry?!!
I just about managed to survive last week. Had two birthday cakes on order and also made my sister and brother in law a anniversary present.
The cakes were a peppa pig cake and in the night garden cake.

I found peppa pig easier than I thought to make, however the girl character from in the night garden more than made up for it. Her name opps a daisy was well apt as she nearly went oops a daisy across the kitchen floor!!

It was also my sisters wedding anniversary and I was a little unsure of what to buy her for a present. I missed last years as I was too worked up with my own wedding to remember. So I wanted a combined present. The 3rd year should be something made from leather and the 4th year is fruit/flowers. This is what I made….

I got a metal plant pot from Ikea and filled with tissue paper and jelly beans. Then I dipped some strawberries in chocolate. When set popped them onto cocktail sticks and arranged in the pot. I then tied some leather around the pot and fancied it up with a ribbon.

Enjoy the rest of the week
Rose xxx

Sweet and beautiful

Good morning folks!!
Today I’m going to tell you about my new venture. So you may have already guessed but I have decided to set up Sweet and Beautiful as a business. I have been busy costing recipes, designing cakes, gift ideas and packages. Also trying to work out what to put on to my website. I am lucky to have a brilliant supportive husband and friends.

Back in June on markets traders day I decided to run a market stall and try out my products on the public. I got a lot of constructive feedback and have taken it on board. I hope to have another stall soon.

Here follows some photos of the stall.







Hope you have a brill week.
Rose xxx

Love is in the air.

It is that time of year again folks where society and the commercial world has us all declaring our unedifying love for each other by the aid of showering each other with gifts. I believe life is too short to save it all for one day more love should be shown, time set aside to share special moments with our loved ones throughout the year. However I will be looking forward to doing something with my husband this year the first Valentine’s as a married couple.

I have been busy at work producing a range of cupcakes, truffles and biscuits that have been wrapped and presented nicely. I hope to busier than usual on Sunday when I arrive at work.


A little thought to leave you with, tradition has it that on the 29th of February is the day where woman ask their men to marry them. So ladies maybe something to consider? Guys who are in relationship maybe getting a big surprise at the end of the month.

Goodnight Rose xxx