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Cherry coke and Orange cupcakes.

Hello my lovelies!!
How are you this evening?
Today I’m going to share with you two types of cupcakes I made over the summer. Both with chocolate sponge as their base.




I made the cherry coke cupcakes for a musical festival that was organised to support the Manchester cancer hospital “Christie” the festival was called “Going up the country”. The organisers have a night called “Cherry Coloured Pop” so I thought cherry coke cupcakes would fit into the cherry pop theme pretty well.

I’ve found that using diet/coke zero gives the sponge more a flavour of coke than the full fat version does. I think because coke is so sugary the taste gets lost in the mix.
I poured the coke into my usual chocolate cake mix until I could taste it…if the mix gets too liquid just add a little more flour until the mix returns to a texture your happy with. This also works well with a mud cake recipe adapt your recipe likewise.

For the topping I make my usual buttercream recipe and added coco powder. That thickens it slightly so you can then let it down with cherry coke. Pipe on your cupcakes and decorate with cherry coke fizzy sweets. (I got mine from Asda 3 packs of sweets for £1 they also have cherry jelly sweets on that offer if you want to use them instead).




I made the orange chocolate cupcakes for a friends birthday. I must admit I cheated here and used orange essence in the sponge.
For the topping I melted chocolate added it to my buttercream recipe with a bit of milk and some more essence. Then let to set in the fridge…I kept mixing it every so often as the chocolate in there will set hard you will need to pipe it before it does that.

To decorate I used marshmallows, chocolate drops, chocolate sprinkles, edible glitter and orange chocolate buttons, again you can get these from Asda. They also do strawberry chocolate if you fancy a vanilla and strawberry version.

That’s it folks…hope you want to go and bake cakes now, and if not the “Great British Bake Off” starts next Tuesday 20th August…that should get our baking juices flowing.

Have fun
Rose xxx

Sugar Flowers!!

Hello Guys,

Hope your all well and enjoying the weekend.

Today I am going to tell you about a sugar flower course I went on to imrove my skills. Sugar flowers were my demons. I have memories of trying to make orchids out of flower paste at college in the 90’s and nearly ending up in tears as the paste kept falling through the wire or the petals breaking as soon as they had dried.

I happened to get talking to a fellow tutor at college about sugar flowers and she told me she absoloutly loves making them. Also that she holds private lessons at her house with the other cake decorating teacher. So at a very reasonable £120 for four, three hour sessions I decided to go for it.

We made the following flowers; African Corn lilly, Iris, Poppies, Gerberas and Roses.

I learnt so much and now have the confidence to make flowers again. A big thank you to Rachel and Pauline for making sugar flowers fun.

If your interested contact them on

I have a few new and exciting cake orders coming up in the next few weeks so if you dont hear from me its not because I dont love you anymore. You will however get to see my creations…that is of course they all go to plan.

Take care

Rose xxxx



Sugar Junction.

I’ve been so excitied to tell you about this place, it is a little cafe on Tib Street in the Northern quater of Manchester.

Myself and friends have tried to go in a few times but it has always been fully booked, a couple of week ago we got ourselves organised and booked a table for afternoon tea doubling as a baby shower.

From the outside it always looks so appealing (even with the condensation driping down the windows) nice and homely and warm. You enter on the top floor and are greeted by waitresses wearing 1950s clothes, hair dos and make up. Our table was downstairs with two armchairs and a sofa like you’d find at your grans house. Every table had individual tableclothes and napkins.

We decided to go for the full afternoon tea and picked a drink from a large selection of tea we eventually went for peach, elderflower and builders tea. The waitresses kept re-filling the pots with hot water throughout our time there. the afternoon consisted of a selection of sandiwiches (goats cheese, salmon, ham and chutney and egg mayo). Scones with home made jam served in cute little jars, Homemade bakwell tarts, macaroon and chocolate praline fancies. All the food and drink were served on floral china and everything screamed cuteness!!

One of my friends had bought us a little bird brochue to wear each, it was such pleasant environment that my friends ended up missing two trains!!

We would all go back again, third time lucky and well worth the wait.

IMG_4572 IMG_4573 IMG_4574 IMG_4575 IMG_4576 IMG_4577 IMG_4578 IMG_4579

IMG_4580 IMG_4581 IMG_4582 IMG_4584 IMG_4586 IMG_4587















Happy drooling folks

Rose xxxx

Festive cheers!!

Hello folks!!

How are things going with you all? Well with the countdown to Christmas well on the way I’m sure you are all busy shopping and partying!!

I have managed to be organized this year only because I have a few gingerbread houses and other festive treats ordered.

I also made this cake last week hope you like it.


Have fun and take care,
Rose xxx

“Something old wedding fayre” re-visited.

Hello guys!!

Hope you had a nice weekend and have survived the first half of the week with not to much fuss.

The wedding fayre was brill I met lots of nice people and other wedding suppliers, plus two wonderful cake makers…one called “the Cheshire cat cake company” based in Sale. The other place was called “The hazelnut bakery” Based in Delph, Saddleworth. I will be going to visit them in January as have been a fan of their work for a while.

I also met a lady called Claire she is a photographer and took photos of all the stalls at the fayre and has wrote it up on her blog. Her photos are much better better than mine..obviously lol. So here is the link to her blog.

Have fun

Rose xxx



Birthdays and anniversaries

Hi, Well hope you are all managing to stay dry?!!
I just about managed to survive last week. Had two birthday cakes on order and also made my sister and brother in law a anniversary present.
The cakes were a peppa pig cake and in the night garden cake.

I found peppa pig easier than I thought to make, however the girl character from in the night garden more than made up for it. Her name opps a daisy was well apt as she nearly went oops a daisy across the kitchen floor!!

It was also my sisters wedding anniversary and I was a little unsure of what to buy her for a present. I missed last years as I was too worked up with my own wedding to remember. So I wanted a combined present. The 3rd year should be something made from leather and the 4th year is fruit/flowers. This is what I made….

I got a metal plant pot from Ikea and filled with tissue paper and jelly beans. Then I dipped some strawberries in chocolate. When set popped them onto cocktail sticks and arranged in the pot. I then tied some leather around the pot and fancied it up with a ribbon.

Enjoy the rest of the week
Rose xxx

Chippy tea with a twist.

Hello folks,
So it’s Friday tea time traditionally our national chippy tea night.
I would like to tell you about my friends British takeaway or a posh chippy as I like to say. “Essence” opened its doors to the public in March this year with the concept of a takeaway with a difference to offer people more choice and healthier options.

Essence is situated on station road in Swinton. All fish is delivered fresh and cooked to order. The chips are triple fried to ensure they are crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle.
There are also daily meat, fish, dessert specials and a homemade pie of the day. All burgers are made on the premies.

A homemade lamb burger being flame grilled. Other burgers are beef and chicken fillet.

A fish special… Fish platter, battered cod, pan fried salmon & travelly with scampi and chips.

One of the meat specials… Braised rump beef in red wine served with either mash or chips. Other meat specials include mixed grill and lamb chops.

One of the dessert specials … Chocolate brownies other desserts include flapjack, chocolate cheesecake, fresh cream gateaux’s and cupcakes.

Whats even better is a delivery service has started in the past couple of months between 6-10pm. All daily specials are posted on Facebook and twitter. If your Interested follow or like the page @ essenceswinton.

Tonight we have vanilla cupcakes on sale.

Hope I have made you hungry and ready for the weekend.
Have fun
Rose xxx

All cakes made by sweet and beautiful.