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Sugar Junction.

I’ve been so excitied to tell you about this place, it is a little cafe on Tib Street in the Northern quater of Manchester.

Myself and friends have tried to go in a few times but it has always been fully booked, a couple of week ago we got ourselves organised and booked a table for afternoon tea doubling as a baby shower.

From the outside it always looks so appealing (even with the condensation driping down the windows) nice and homely and warm. You enter on the top floor and are greeted by waitresses wearing 1950s clothes, hair dos and make up. Our table was downstairs with two armchairs and a sofa like you’d find at your grans house. Every table had individual tableclothes and napkins.

We decided to go for the full afternoon tea and picked a drink from a large selection of tea we eventually went for peach, elderflower and builders tea. The waitresses kept re-filling the pots with hot water throughout our time there. the afternoon consisted of a selection of sandiwiches (goats cheese, salmon, ham and chutney and egg mayo). Scones with home made jam served in cute little jars, Homemade bakwell tarts, macaroon and chocolate praline fancies. All the food and drink were served on floral china and everything screamed cuteness!!

One of my friends had bought us a little bird brochue to wear each, it was such pleasant environment that my friends ended up missing two trains!!

We would all go back again, third time lucky and well worth the wait.

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Happy drooling folks

Rose xxxx