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Christmas range 2012

Hello Folks!!

Hope your are well,
My husband and I are in Norwich at the moment for the wedding of two of our friends who I met working with at the Savoy hotel in London. I found out last night that they have ordered the cake from the fabulous cake/chocolate shop in Brighton called Choccy Woccy do da. I’ve been dying to try some of their cake for a few years now. She has also told me the TV crew will be there. Not sure if I should try and avoid them or not lol.

Last week was a busy week for me, there was the Royton market on Sunday and also I have had 3 cakes to make. Also have made a few ideas for Christmas. Now follows some photos of my creations.

Parkin cake pops, made for the market stall.

Rainbow macaroons.

Solid chocolate Christmas tree.

Gingerbread tree decorations.


Gingerbread house.

Mini & sphere Christmas cakes.

Cake toppers.

Have a good weekend and watch out for photos of the wedding cake. I’m off to use the spa facilities in the hotel now.

Have fun
Rose xxx

PS Here are the cakes I made last week. The big one is a Rainbow cake the family liked it so much I have another one ordered for this week for a Little boy.





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