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“Home sweet home” re-visited.

Hi guys!!
It’s Friday afternoon again and your probably stuck in traffic right now!!
Earlier this week a friend treated me to coffee n cookies at “Home sweet home” in the Northern Quarter.

We meet up for a chat to talk about how to get ourselves organised for the wedding fair we are both exhibiting at in

If you remember I told you about the cookies that are freshly baked to order and served with a glass of milk. Well I’m so glad we ordered them, gooey and lots of melted chocolate chips in the middle. Perfect for dipping in either the milk, coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Well we are friends spread the germs 😉

Well I’m on the way to work at the moment (on the bus not driving) and will be busy baking and decorating tomorrow for the market on Sunday.
Will let you know how we get on also share with you the pumpkin pie recipe at some point…hopefully before they go out of season.

Have a nice weekend, hope to see you if you fancy popping down to the market on Sunday.

Have fun
Rose xxx


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