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Hello Folks,

Last week I gave you a little sneak peak of a birthday cake I had made for a little boy who can’t eat any food containing Lactsoe (Lactose is the sugar found in the milk of mammals) and also eggs.

When my driving instructor asked me If I could make a cake for his grandason I of course said yes. His daughter had been everywhere trying to find anybody that could make such a cake. I really dont understand why people are not more open and willing to help people with food allergies and intolerances. 

I had two recipes and made a few cupcakes for them to sample. In the end they decided they wanted me to make the cake. So I made a number two cake with a little elephant on top. The first time I made the sponge I wasnt happy and the recipe didnt like being doubled. I settled on making two thinner cakers then layering the then up with jam for the final cake.

I must admit even though I knew the cake had been no-where near eggs or any dairy products I was still a little concerened about them eating it and having a reaction. I have been told this week that everyone enjoyed the cake even those without allergies.


Have fun

Rose xxx



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