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“Home sweet home” in the northern quarter, Manchester.

Good Morning folks,
Hope you have had a nice weekend. I was going through the photos on my phone during the weekend and found this one. I took it in summer when I met up with friend for a coffee..then decided it was too hot for coffee and we opted for these milkshakes.
I ordered the chocolate mudslide it contained a shot of coffee, chocolate, milk, cream, and real chocolate brownie Blended thorough the shake. Finished with whipped cream and a square of brownie.
My friend chose the Oreo cookie shake and contained mini Oreo cookies. Both incredibly yummy, and we both felt like we had been naughty in a satisfying kind of way.

We were at a place called “home sweet home” it’s on Edge street in the northern quarter, Manchester.
I have ever only sampled a milkshake however the rest of the food looks yummy. Cocktails are also served in teapots what a perfect way to start a night out. Or spend an evening chilling out.
My friend had also told me she has been again since with her husband and they ordered chocolate chip cookies. They are baked to order and served straight out of the oven with a glass of milk……I will be back!!!
Rose xxx


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