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Birthdays and anniversaries

Hi, Well hope you are all managing to stay dry?!!
I just about managed to survive last week. Had two birthday cakes on order and also made my sister and brother in law a anniversary present.
The cakes were a peppa pig cake and in the night garden cake.

I found peppa pig easier than I thought to make, however the girl character from in the night garden more than made up for it. Her name opps a daisy was well apt as she nearly went oops a daisy across the kitchen floor!!

It was also my sisters wedding anniversary and I was a little unsure of what to buy her for a present. I missed last years as I was too worked up with my own wedding to remember. So I wanted a combined present. The 3rd year should be something made from leather and the 4th year is fruit/flowers. This is what I made….

I got a metal plant pot from Ikea and filled with tissue paper and jelly beans. Then I dipped some strawberries in chocolate. When set popped them onto cocktail sticks and arranged in the pot. I then tied some leather around the pot and fancied it up with a ribbon.

Enjoy the rest of the week
Rose xxx


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