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Tutorial 3….Blackberry Jam.

Hello folks,

Well Autumn is here and that means time to harvest …or in my case pick wild blackberries from the waste land down the road.

On Monday my husband and myself will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary. We are going up to the lake district to sample Simon Rogan’s tasting menu!! I’m so excited!! Inspired by Simon Rogan I went foraging. I’m sure I found rose hips growing however not too sure and don’t really want to chance eating poisonous berries!!  picked by the motorway Junction 21 on the M60 I made some blackberry jam and shared with  friends…of course I had to make some scones to put the jam on.

Heres what you need: A pan, wooden spoon, sugar thermometer, jars ….any type recycled are the best, grease proof paper, scales.

How to make the jam -: 1, Go out on a nice walk/just a walk and find the berries.

2, Wash the pollution off them don’t worry about this too much as you have probably inhaled more.

3, Weigh the berries and put into your pan, now put in the same amount of sugar. Jam/granulated is best however caster sugar works too.

4, Add a squirt of lemon juice and a few drops of vanilla essence (vanilla is optional) bring to the boil ensuring the berries don’t stick to the bottom .. this means keep a look out and stir if you need to, only if you need to though.

5, Now skim all the foam off the top (that is the impurities in the sugar/bits of dirt from berries) to try and prevent cloudy jam.

6, Now pop the thermometer into the pan and wait for it to reach the line where it says Jam..easy! if you don’t have a thermometer don’t worry you can still make the Jam. You will know when the jam is ready as the bubbles go thicker and make a different noise. When ready turn the heat off and prepare your jars.

7, Run the hot water tap and warm the jars up slightly to avoid them cracking when you pour the jam in.

8, Cut disks out the grease proof to place on top of the jam. (you can do this while your jam is boiling)

9, BE CAREFUL!! This jam is very very hot and will stick to your skin and keep burning you….. you have been warned don’t sue me.  carefully pour the jam into the jars and clean up

any dribbles of spills, place the paper on top of the jam and leave to cool. Dont put the lid on the jar until it has cooled.

10, Spread on whatever you fancy…be creative with this stage and enjoy!!

I thought you may like to know I went back and picked another 1kg of berries and have popped them in the freezer for a later date. I have left loads of berrie for you all in the Failsworth and Oldham area.

Have fun

Rose xxx


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