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Thank you cake.

Hiya folks,
I know I have not wrote on here for a while I wish I could say I had been away to a sunny place but alas not.

I have been busy starting a new exciting venture I will be telling you about later in the week … Promise.

Let me share with you a cake I made for a lovely taxi driver who picked us up after the Stone Roses concert at 1.30am in the morning when no other taxis would come out for us. Not only was he off duty he didn’t want any money from us. People like him make the world a better place.
Thank you Ozzy xxxx

So it is a chocolate sponge cake with chocolate spread for the coating (yes cheating here I know) then a mixture of pop cakes.
Have a good week folks
Rose xxx
Have a good


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  1. chocolateshells

    Fantastic cake!

    And Yes thanks again Ozzy thought we were going to be stuck there all night

  2. Gosh, this looks marvellous ! I’m so loving it! =D


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