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Disco balls.

Hi folks!!

Last night at college there there was an 80’s themed event on in the college restaurant.

Almost every week the BTEC hospitality 2nd year students take it turn to hold a themed event for their course work. There has been all sorts from Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter to a type of cuisine like Mexican, French, Spanish etc.

Last night was an 80’s theme and the dessert had already been made (creme brûlée and sticky toffee pudding) we did however need to make petite fours to accompany the coffee.
My mind straight away turned to disco balls. With not much time I adapted a rum ball recipe combined with the trend pop cake in my head and passed on the information to my student who was going to make them.


Here’s what you will need-:
Chocolate sponge.
Raspberry jam.
White chocolate.
Caster sugar.
Food colour.

* Blitz your sponge into crumbs
* Mix in enough jam, brandy/rum until the cake crumbs stick together, also add a little of each ingredient to you get a mix you like the taste of.
* Roll the mix into equal size balls, you can weigh each ball if you desire to ensure all the balls are the same size. Our disco balls were 14g.
* Now leave to harden either in the fridge or freezer. Depending on how much time you have or how hungry you are 🙂 .
* While your balls are hardening melt the chocolate (we tried milk chocolate and white, we found white chocolate gave a better result) leave to cool not set. Prepare the sugar by popping a tiny drop of colour into the sugar and mix well. (some edible glitter in the sugar would also be a nice touch alas we didn’t have any)
# Coloured sugar was popular in the 80’s served around the rims of glasses with cocktails.
* Now the fun bit… Pop your balls into the chocolate roll in hands (yes you do get messy) then place straight into the sugar give the bowl a shake then place balls onto a tray. Leave to set for about ten mins.
* Now eat yeyh!!!

TIPS = # Do not store the disco balls in the fridge as the sugar will melt and turn into liquid.
# Also when rolling the balls try to keep one hand clean or even better get a friend to help. One person to roll the chocolate and the other to roll the sugar.

Enjoy and let me know how yours turn out.
Rose xxx


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  1. Hi Rose,
    Your Disco balls look & sound delicious.Good luck with them!
    Love,Auntie Margaret.


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