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Golden caster sugar experiment 1,

Hiya folks,

Well the new oven has arrived and will be fitted tomorrow so excited!!

So I carried out my fist experiment with the golden caster sugar last week, basically to see what all the fuss is about.

1, I compared the two sugars for taste, texture and flavour. The golden caster sugar had a coarser texture and not as sweet as caster sugar, the taste reminded me of a cross between demerara and caster sugar.


2, I then melted the 2 types of sugar and found the golden caster sugar melted and turned a caramel colour a lot faster.

Photos of the Golden caster sugar melting process.





Caster sugar melting process photos to follow. If you notice the caramel made from the caster sugar is clearer.




3, I then decided to make some sugar spirals with both types of caramel to see what it was like to work/pull the sugar. Of course I had to taste the sugar … Well it would be rude not to!!
Again the sugar spiral made from the golden caster sugar had a deeper rich flavour and taste. Also I notices it stayed hotter for longer.


The golden caster sugar spirals are on the right hand side of the photo. I have a sweet tooth (I bet you’d never of guessed) I preferred the taste of the spirals made from caster sugar.

My next experiment will be baking products with the two types of sugar.

Take care
Rose xxx


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  1. Golden is the best.


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