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Golden caster sugar.

Hello folks,

Hope you all had an nice Easter and ate lots of chocolate. I must admit I slightly indulged. We had a visit from the Easter bunny my little Nephew James.


So I have been watching the whole series of Eric Lanlard on 4OD catch up. Im really into it and have learnt a few tips. What I have noticed is he uses golden caster sugar and icing sugar in most of his recipes.
I have only ever come across a few recipes requiring golden caster and as we didn’t have any in stock at work I replaced it by using caster sugar with a little light brown sugar.
I presume it gives the recipe more of a caramel flavor. Also the use of golden icing sugar in fillings and topping would give a golden appearance.
So yesterday I took a trip to Asda and got myself some of this wonder ingredient. I will be experimenting with it over the next few days and will share with you what I find.


As I still don’t have an oven I will be making fudge and caramel. Then when the oven is either fixed or replaced I can use the sugar in cakes and biscuits.

Have a nice Friday and bring on the weekend.

Rose xxx


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