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Raspberry, chocolate and lemon curd tart.

Good evening all,

I hope your well and just think we are two days closer to the weekend yeyh!!

I have noticed that I tend not to write much on my blog mid week. However I have found an app for my phone that allows me to post short messages. This is great as I can chat to you while I’m travelling home from work. Let me add here I take public transport.

This is one of my cakes from this weeks Selection at work.
A bit of an experiment however I think it worked.

I piped some lemon curd into a pre baked tart case.
Then Poured on top of that some ganache then let it set. For those of you who are un-familiar with that term ganache is basically chocolate and cream.
I boiled a bag of raspberries with sugar to taste, strained then added another bag of raspberries then set with gelatine.
When the ganache had set I carefully poured a spoonful of the raspberry mix on top.
To finish I broke a bit of tempered and coloured white chocolate into a shard and placed on top of the tart.


This eats well, a balanced mixture of crispy and smooth textures. With a sweet and sour taste from the lemon and sharpness from the raspberries. All brought together with a big hug from the chocolate.

Goodnight folks
Rose xxx


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  1. Oh my god I’m salivating. It certainly pushes my buttons.


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