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Tutorial 1, Chocolate lips.

What you will need-:
100g White chocolate
Edible glitter
Pink food Colour (paste oil based)
Bowl (microwave proof)
Cocktail stick/small knife.
Palette knife.
Cotton wool/kitchen roll.

The most important thing to remember when working with chocolate is …. Chocolate and water don’t like each other so will not mix. Make sure all equipment used is completely dry before use. If you mistakenly get water into chocolate lumps will appear that will not melt out.

1,Break the white chocolate into pieces and place 2/3s into your bowl. Place into microwave and melt the chocolate. Be carful not to overheat and stir constantly to ensure the chocolate doesn’t burn. Overheating the chocolate will damage the sugar particles and lumps will also form.

2, When all the chocolate has melted stir in the remaining chocolate, this will cool your chocolate down.

3, Prepare the chocolate mould by wiping with either Cotten wool or kitchen roll to increase the shine of the chocolate and get rid of any dust/chocolate. Cotten wool is better as there is less chance of it leaving any residue.

4, Sprinkle some edible glitter into the chocolate and using a cocktail stick/small knife swirl some food colour into your chocolate.

5,When the chocolate feels cold to touch pour into the mould, tap the underneath of the mould to get rid of any air bubbles. Then smooth over with a palette knife and leave until the chocolate goes dull. When dull place in fridge and leave to completely set. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

6, When the chocolates are ready they will slightly come away from the sides of the mould. To de-mould twist the sides of the mould turn the mould over and tap slightly. The chocolates should just fall out. If they stick try again but tap harder. If they still don’t come out or appear dull put them back into the fridge as they need longer to set.

7, When the chocolates have been de-moulded store them in a airtight container or cover well with cling film. In a cool dry place. If you leave them uncovered in the fridge the moisture will cause them to condensate.

8, Now the best bit… Eat them!!!

Have fun
Rose xxx






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