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A little note to say Hi.


Hope you are all well this evening and enjoying your weekend.

I’ve been busy with a few things this week, last Saturday I met with two friends to discus both of their wedding cakes one in May and the other in one in October. So two more weddings to look forward to.

Tuesday was a busy a day lots of different things happening that all turned out wonderful. For the hot dessert at work I made chocolate pizza with chocolate sauce, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, glace cherries,  chocolate rice krispies and toffee sauce topping. We had mixed reactions but sold them all, I personally thought they were well worth using my daily calories up on. After work I then took and passed my driving theory test I scored high so was extremely chuffed. Just as though the day couldn’t get any better I was greeted with a bunch of flowers (Tulips my favourite) and a valentines card from my Hubby when I arrived home. We then took our little pooch out for walkies and headed off  to Boundary park to watch Oldham Athletic. Normally I give this football team the kiss of death as every time I go and watch them they loose or draw games they should of won. But as it was a lucky day they won 2-1. If all that wasn’t enough we then went for lovely curry where I banned us from using our phones so we could for once have a conversation uninterrupted by social networks, sports results etc.


As I work in the BBC building at media city we from time to time  get involved in events and celebrations that the BBC hold. Today is CBeebies 10th birthday party the whole of the Media city and Salford quays area has had an open day to the public, some of my work colleagues have been serving hot dogs, burgers and ice cream. The part I played in the celebration was making the birthday cake. I havent made a cake so big before and took me an hour longer than I though it would to make it. The hospitality manager bought the edible transfers for the cake from classic catering but the rest of it was my handy work. On Thursday it was rumored that the BBC were going to cut the cake live on TV so I texted friends and family to inform them of this. However I haven’t heard anything confirming it had made it onto the TV (I will keep you informed)


Yesterday was the start of my weekend I’d been looking forward to seeing my sister and nephew all week.  We went out for a bite to eat came home then took Cassie out for a walk to a place called Daisy Nook that is not too far from where I live. It always amazes me that I live in such a built up area then a few minutes drive/20 min walk away is a lovely open national park with lots of history bordering  Oldham and Ashton-under lyne. When Carol and James went home I made some cakes for Jamie’s club night “Kissing just for practice”  Jamie and his friend started this night in 1997  held at the Star and Garter pub in Manchester. The night is dedicated to a band from Glasgow called Belle and Sebastian it was designed to show appreciation and love of all things B&S, and related music and all things twee. Kissing just for practice is a lyric from their song “seeing other people” taken for the album “If your feeling sinister.” I must admit in the 90’s I let  Belle and Sebastian pass me by and didn’t quite get them, prefered my music slightly heavier. However in recent years have started to warm to and listen to their music and can now understand the hysteria that goes with them. So I made some little cupcakes with all of the things mentioned in mind, they were handed out to people on arrival at the door. Well a wife has to help her husband in any way she can. We got home at 5am needless to say I’ve had a day of recovery from last night and the past week.


Rose xxx


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