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Cupids back in town.

Good morning folks, yesterday I thought it was about time I made something for you. As Valentine’s is just around the corner I headed off to Asda to see what I could find. I got a nice surprise.


Cupcake cases £1.14 for 100
Chocolate lip moulds £2.00
2 Cupcake presentation box £2.00
Cava £5.00
Heart chocolate £1.00
Rose petals £1.00 a box.

So I decided to  make red velvet cupcakes, White chocolate kisses and a red velvet butterfly cake.


The above is what I produced, I took lots more photos and will be giving you the cupcake recipe, Plus step by step instructions. In the next few days I hope to add another section at the top of the page called “recipes” That section is where I will be sharing with you recipes and helpful tips.

I put together I little sharing platter I’m sure you Valentine would be over the moon to find this when they get back from work on Tuesday. The people who Jamie bought the house from left us random items under the kitchen cupboard. Two left over bathroom floor tiles were included on this list I used one of them (after cleaning well) to present my items of indulgence.


I think that Asda may put the price of the Cava up before Tuesday so if you fancy having a go at this to pop down to your local Asda soon as.  Jamie and Cassie both came downstairs lured by the smell of  the cakes baking. First Cassie came down smelling the air near the oven (Photo of her below putting her I’m cute face, please give me food) followed five minutes later by Jamie who wanted cake!! I had to fight them both off in order for me to top, decorate and photograph the cakes.  Lets just say there isn’t much of the butterfly cake left. I will be giving the boxes of  cupcakes  to two of my lovely friends

Have a nice day

Rose xxx


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  1. thanks again for the box of cupcakes Rosy, they were lovely, only got 2 left!!!

  2. Hi Rose, your recipe sounds delicious! Unfortunately we won’t be trying it out as Uncle Dave is diabetic. I can however sit & droole just thinking about it. Love Auntie Margaret.


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