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James Thomas Seddon’s Christening.

Today was Our little nephew’s Christening we also have the added responsibility of being his his god parents.

The Christening was held at St Werburgh’s church in Warburton the small village were I grew up. We arrived at the parish rooms at 9.37am to find a stressed sister and mother frantically buttering bread making the sanwiches. It was freezing felt like it was a least -1c realistically it would have been 3c/4c . It wasn’t long before my toes and fingers went numb. The heating was on a timer and luckily it did come on at about 11am. We finished making the buffet, then I set the cake up while Jamie worked his magic on James fed him then had a little nap before the service. (James not Jamie) Carol put her frock on and Ste decorated the tables with confetti.

Our families started to arrive and after a few missed turns everyone had made it. We entered the church and took our places. The service was lovely my Grandad, Great Grandad to James who turned 91 on Friday the 27th Jan played the church organ, he has not missed a Sunday service since he was 16!! Also my Auntie was singing in the choir she had traveled up from London. The Baptism went well and little James didn’t cry at all just made a little murmur.

After the service we all went back to the parish rooms where it was lovely to walk into the heated room. We had shut the kitchen door to keep the cold in as there was no fridge and we kept the buffet in there. To give you an idea of how cold it was when I took the white wine out of the kitchen condensation formed on the bottles.  I started boiling three kettles trying to make enough tea/coffee for everybody and stated mooching through the cupboards, I found some lovely green gold rimmed floral tea cups and saucers for us to drink out of. However I could of done with a nice big mug. With the help of my cousin’s wife we got the buffet put out, and everyone filled up.

Every body started to leave at about 2pm  we cut an handed the cake out, then I opened a bottle of cider mmm re-freshing. The remaining family had a few more photos with James. Then I noticed mum had started to wash up so we all got on it.. that was the mission of clean up. I am now relaxing and had some left over buffet for tea.  Now time to relax with a cider and the dog, and put on a film.

Good night all

Rose xxxx


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  1. Thanks for your help Rose, and the lovely cake x x


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