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Good evening all!! Phew Monday is over for another week, that was a busy one. I made a new selection of cakes at work today and I was happy with all of them. I am normally my worst critic so this is a rare occurrence. As I work at BBC Media City the chef thought we should make a cake to recognise our support for sports relief. Did anyone see the “sports relief bake off”? Well I made the coffee and walnut cake one of the cakes sold out before I went home and I’m sure there wont be much left of the second one.I wonder if Mary Berry would approve…*ooh that’s a scary though* .Are you planning to have a sports relief bake off? I’m sitting in bed with a nice cup of tea and thought I would say Hi.I’m sorry I’ve not said hello for a few days I’ve been planning what to write about. This week Iam going to introduce you to a lovely little cafe I visited recently.Called “Drink tea, Eat cake” What a wonderful name for a cafe. My Nephew is being Christened on Sunday so have I have a cake to make for that I’m looking forward to making as I enjoy making cakes for the people I love. It it is going to be a special occasion and family gathering. Also my husband and myself will be the Godparents I know it will be a proud and emotional day.You will be hearing all about this. Happy Chinese new year (I’m drinking green tea celebrating in my own little way) It is the year of the dragon, I heard on the radio today the dragon is a symbol of sucsess and wealth so I will raise my brew to that and say goodnight. Rose xxx


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